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Our Story

 Pittsboro Pet Supply is a small, family owned business who is committed to the health and happiness of your pets. 

We are community minded people, passionate about shopping local and supporting the town of Pittsboro. We strive to be accepting of all people, making sure our store is safe place where you feel at home. We feel connected to our customers, and we are here to get you through any hiccups along the journey of being a pet parent. We have an experienced and passionate staff that are happy to help you find local, healthy products for your cat, dog, rabbit, or other small pet. We offer space to non-profit animal rescues and give back to the community through donations and special fundraising events.

Meet the Team

David has been in the feed business since the age of 16. He started working at Rochester Elevator in Rochester, Michigan and decided to begin his own business. In 1992, David and Christine decided to purchase their own feed store (Highland Feed) in Michigan and ran that successfully until 2005. With great enthusiasm, they decided it was time to get out of the cold northern winters and headed south, where they purchased Pittsboro Feed. After growing Pittsboro Feed in both feed and pet supplies, David and Christine came up with the idea of splitting the business to meet the growing demand for pet supplies in Pittsboro! You will see David quite frequently at Pittsboro Pet Supply as he gets the business established and running smoothly to meet your needs!
Christine, a graduate of Michigan State University always knew (since the age of 8) that she would grow up and be involved in agriculture.  Her father used to take her to Washington Elevator (their local feed store) and knew that she had found her passion in life.  By the grace of God, when she was doing her internship at a feed store in Michigan, Christine met David.  Almost 30 years of marriage and 3 children later she has not changed her mind…it’s still what she loves to do!  You will occassionally see her at Pittsboro Pet Supply, but her heart is at Pittsboro Feed.  Just walk across the street…she would love to meet you!
Kara is the daughter of David and Christine Miller. After growing up in the feed business, she decided to attend North Carolina State University to study agricultural education with a concentration in animal science.  She became an agriculture teacher and worked in the crop protection industry for a few years before coming back to help run the family feed store.  After much discussion, David and Christine decided that Pittsboro Pet Supply would be a great place for her to help our customers with their pet supply needs.  She is currently married to Peyton (they met at Pittsboro Feed!) and loves to spend time at their home in Chatham County!
Genia starting working at Pittsboro Feed in 2013.  During that time, she loved meeting all of our customer’s pet supply needs and decided that Pittsboro Pet Supply would be a great way to further her career! She is very active at her church and spends a lot of her free time visiting with friends and family!