Our Story

Ever wonder about the back story of the people behind the counter, works in the warehouse or delivering your feed from Pittsboro Pet Supply? Meet the David & Christine and their family who started Pittsboro Feed & Pittsboro Pet Supply.

Hello friends & Welcome to Pittsboro Pet Supply

We're so happy you made it to our website and found interest in getting to know us a little better. Well, we are the Miller family and we are so blessed to be part of agriculture our entire lives. From growing up on farms, our first jobs of working in a feed store or driving semi-trucks with feed in them to now owning our own store. Both David & Christine purchased their first store in 1992 in a little town called Highland, Michigan called Highland Feed & Water. We owned & operated and our children grew up that store until November of 200 (our family friends still own that store to this day).

As you may know, it gets a little chilly in Michigan throughout the winter months so we decided to pack up and move to Pittsboro, North Carolina where we purchased another small store called Pittsboro Farm & Garden. Over the next 10 years, we outgrew that little store and decided to open a secondary store right across the street called Pittsboro Pet Supply in December of 2015.

Meet the Miller Family

Having the three kids growing up in the store has been so much fun. Watching them grow up in the feed stores by riding their bicycles, helping our customers and learning many different lessons is why we do this. Our family has grown from the three kids to now a son/brother-in-law and a grandson (the Holland's).

Pictured from left to right: Josh, David, Christine, Katherine, Emmett, Kara & Peyton.

Meet the owner, David Miller

David has been in the feed business since the age of 16. He started working at Rochester Elevator in Rochester, Michigan and decided to begin his own business. In 1992, David and Christine decided to purchase their own feed store (Highland Feed) in Michigan and ran that successfully until 2005. With great enthusiasm, they decided it was time to get out of the cold northern winters and headed south, where they purchased Pittsboro Feed. After growing Pittsboro Feed in both feed and pet supplies, David and Christine came up with the idea of splitting the business to meet the growing demand for pet supplies in Pittsboro! You will see David quite frequently at Pittsboro Pet Supply as he gets the business established and running smoothly to meet your needs!

Meet the owner, Christine Miller

Christine, a graduate of Michigan State University always knew (since the age of 8) that she would grow up and be involved in agriculture.  Her father used to take her to Washington Elevator (their local feed store) and knew that she had found her passion in life.  By the grace of God, when she was doing her internship at a feed store in Michigan, Christine met David.  Almost 30 years of marriage and 3 children later she has not changed her mind…it’s still what she loves to do!  You will occassionally see her at Pittsboro Pet Supply, but her heart is at Pittsboro Feed. Just walk across the street…she would love to meet you!

Meet Josh

When Josh was one-month old, David & Christine bought their first farm supply store. His entire life has been in the industry; from riding his bicycle around the store when he was young, to now helping people find the correct nutritional plan for their animals to perform their best!

Outside of work, he likes to try new, local restaurants (I'm a sucker for a good burger), hang out with friends & family, fly drones and play with his two dogs (pictured below)!

Meet Melody

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Meet Autumn

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Meet Danielle

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Meet KiArra

Hi friends, I’m KiArra! I was born and raised in Pittsboro and I so excited to be able to work in our community. I have happily been working at Pittsboro Pet Supply since February of 2022. I love meeting everyone’s pet and being able to find them the best products. I love dogs so much that I have four of them that are all ages! 

Meet Naya

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Meet Heather

Hi y’all, I’m Heather! I started working at the pet store in May2022. I HAVE A LOT OF DOGS…2 Great Pyrenees, 1 Lab mix, 1 Jack Russell mix, 1 Dachshund, 1 Chihuahua , 1 cat, and a BUNCH of chickens! I love being with animals and helping in any way I can! I’m my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends and family! 

Meet Savannah

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Meet Stella

I was born in January of 2015 and came from Farm Friends Rescue in Chatham County, North Carolina. I am a lab, cattle dog mix. I love to come out and visit everyone's farm. Some of my favorite memories include driving across the country to the Hoover Dam and visiting the North Carolina mountains with my dad.

You can find me hanging around Josh, sun-bathing in the yard or with anyone that has food. I love all the treats!

Meet Nova

I was born in September of 2021 to a friend in Pittsboro and I was the last of the litter to be adopted. I may be a tiny Australian cattle dog (blue heeler), but I love to play. I can keep going with the best of them and jump about six feet high.

I also love the water, hanging around Josh, bothering my sister and definitely finding the person who has the treats!