Weruva Cirque de la Mer- Tuna & Veggies in Pumpkin Soup Canned Dog

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Size: 14oz Can

Weruva Classics natural dog food, made with the highest quality cuts of meat or lean fish loins provide high protein and low fat recipes. All meat is hand flaked right off the bone and hand packed for optimal quality. Weruva Classics feature limited ingredient with exclusively land or seafood proteins, as well as a mixture for dogs that love a little bit of everything. Ideal as a stand-alone meal or as a topper for dry food, your dog will love the variety and flavors available in Weruva Classics dog food.

Additional Information

  • Protein - 8.00%
  • Fat - 1.40%
  • Fiber - 0.50%

Click here to visit Cirque de la Mer on Weruva's website to learn more